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What Is Swarnaprashna?

Inside mother’s womb, baby is living in safe and secure environment. Once it is born, baby is exposed to new environment, full of health risks & complications. Along with infections & diseases, pollution, change of seasons, contaminated food & water also affect health of children on daily basis.

Combination of vaccines is given to new-born babies up to the age of 12 years to build up their immune system against horde of diseases. In allopathy, one vaccine is given for fighting one specific disease.

Fortitude, Gynaecology & Obstetrics Clinic(Ayurveda) recommends building up general immunity of body rather than a specific immunity. Swarnaprashna / Swarnamrut / Swarna Bindu Prashana is the oldest & powerful vaccination known to India formulated by the Maharishis with the super-special wisdom of Ayurveda. A powerful immune booster –made from ash of real gold metal mixed other ayurvedic ingredient. Along with physical and immune power, it also builds up mental capability of child.


How is Swarnaprashna Made?

Swarnaprashna is a drop of gold! A nano-particle of gold bhasma (real gold dust) is combined proportionately with ghee, honey and other ayurvedic herbs through a special process. Every ingredient used in preparation of this gold vaccine is of high quality. Gold and other ingredients undergo step-by-step process of purification, so it is easily digested & absorbed in the baby’s system. National Centre of Biotechnology has assured the safety of Swarnaprashna vaccine.

Age & Time for Swarnaprashna

Age of Child- From birth up to 12 yrs
Time- The Day & Hour of Pushya Nakshatara

Pushya means ‘poshan’ means nutrition/nurturing. Pushyanakshatara magnifies the benefits of Swarnaprashna.

Pushya Nakshtra Days

The 12 months calendar marking the nakshatra days (updated every year)

Month Date Day
January 03/01/2018 Thursday
January 31/01/2018 Wednesday
February 27/02/2018 Tuesday
March 26/03/2018 Monday
April 23/04/2018 Monday
May 20/05/2018 Sunday
June 17/06/2018 Sunday
July 14/07/2018 Saturday
August 11/08/2018 Saturday
September 07/09/2018 Friday
October 04/10/2018 Thursday
October 31/10/2018 Wednesday
November 27/11/2018 Tuesday
December 25/12/2018 Tuesday

Swarnaprashna Benefits
  • Powerful Immune System
  • Lower chances of Seasonal Infections (cold, cough, sinus)
  • Enhances Digestion
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Stimulates Nervous System
  • Good Muscular & Bone Strength
  • Good Hair Texture & Growth
  • Good Skin Colour and Texture.
  • Enhances all 5 senses (vision, hearing, smell, touch & taste)
  • Reduces temper/tantrums

  • Enhanced Brain Power
  • Activates both sides of brain
  • Boosts Concentration
  • Sharp Grasping power, Analysis power and Recall memory
  • Lower chances of autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, etc
  • Enhances Mental Capabilities
  • Overall Well-being of Child
  • Good Brain Health
  • Powerful Memory
  • Active Mental Capabilities

The best thing about Ayurvedic immunisation is that multiple experimental studies show that Swarna Prashana is immuno-modulatory, arrests the activity of free radicals, controls stress levels and is analgesic/anti-inflammatory in nature. So, boost your child’s immunity with Ayurveda!