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Many women are victim of high expectations from family and society- expecting them to be perfect in their role & responsibilities! You forget to pay attention to your own physical, psychological & emotional needs. You become more vulnerable to hormonal imbalances & gynaec disorders arising from chronic stress of being perfect!

According to Ayurveda, it is not about being perfect, or just a pretty face! Ayurveda embraces the whole you as a human with body, mind & soul! You have enormous power to heal yourself, naturally!

No Hormone Replacement! No Side Effects! Ayurveda is completely natural & safe health care system of India. If you remember you grandmother’s remedies, they all are basic ayurvedic remedies passed down from generation to generation! Unlike allopathy-which cures symptoms first and then goes towards healing; Ayurveda directly starts healing the root causes curing the symptoms in process!

Dr Aarati Patil at Fortitude, recommends Ayurveda for every women struggling with gynaec , hormonal, fertility disorders. Ayurvedic treatment not only heals but also prevents the relapse. Keeping you healthy and balanced from deep within your body, mind & soul is aim of Ayurveda!

Choose your wellbeing & happiness with Ayurveda!


Diet and Fitness


Gone are the times, when cooking & enjoying the home-made food was the most important routine of the day! As we are running around constantly or just tired to even think of cooking, we just grab a burger, packet of chips & can of cola to kill our hunger!

You are what you eat! All gynaecological disorders are manifestations of the imbalanced Doshas at Reproductive System. Diet is the simplest way to control Doshas. It is crucial to find out root cause of every disease which can be many times in your faulty Diet habits in past. Along with quality & quantity of food recommended, regular timings of taking food is equally important from Ayurveda Perspective.

Dr Aarati Patil, recommends Diet changes as per diagnosis, your specific needs on daily basis and changing seasons. Dietic changes keep our body tuned with ever-changing, natural rhythms which in turn balances the hormonal rhythms in our body.

Balance your Diet with Ayurveda! Choose health & happiness!


Balance is the natural state of our well-being! If your balance is shifting towards irregularity in sleep & diet, stress, disorders and diseases, you are living unhealthy lifestyle! All animals in nature follow certain routine to maintain health by following their natural, biological clock! They feed and rest their bodies regularly to survive in Nature! We also need to keep our body & mind in tune with our inner biological processes and in sync with Nature!

Ayurveda emphasises on regularity of following certain routine to live healthily! Your Dinacharya  (daily routine) helps you achieve work-life balance to improve the quality of life and health! Your Ritucharya  (seasonal routine) prevents common, seasonal health issues and keeps you glowing I every season.

Dr Aarati Patil, recommends lifestyle changes as per diagnosis, your specific needs on daily basis and changing seasons. Lifestyle changes keep our body tuned with ever-changing, natural rhythms which in turn balances the hormonal rhythms in our body.

Clean up lifestyle! Choose health & happiness!




Nowadays, most women misinterpret the word ‘healthy’. You feel being healthy means being slim and having a narrow waistline! We forget what really matters- is how we feel about ourselves throughout the day! Being healthy is internal state, which will project externally!

According to Yoga, reducing weight and slim waistline should not be the only goal! Bringing our body, mind & spirit together in balance for healing and to achieve health & happiness is the aim of Yoga!

Yoga is meditation in motion! When you are trying to maintain a yoga posture, controlling your balance, taking even breaths and feeling the stretch in your muscles….your entire focus is on physical experience you are having in your body. You are joining your body & mind together in the present moment to balance your energies & heal the system from deep within!

Dr, Aarati Patil, a yoga enthusiast & internationally certified yoga teacher, combines power of Yoga with Ayurveda to cure the gynaec , hormonal & fertility disorders in women. At Fortitude, depending on the diagnosis, Dr Aarati recommends few yoga postures to boost the blood circulation in your reproductive organs to help them heal completely! Bring your healthy, feminine self back in balance!

Feel strong & beautiful with Yoga!