Treat FIBROIDS naturally with Ayurveda!!

Treat FIBROIDS naturally with Ayurveda!!

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus. Important symptoms of Fibroids are

  •    Heavy bleeding during periods
  •   Painful periods
  •   Irregular or Frequent periods
  •   Mood swings
  •   Infertility

Sometimes you may not show any symptom for Fibroids. Fibroids may get diagnosed accidently during investigations done for other reasons.

Basic pathology of fibroids starts with low metabolism.

Low metabolism is usually a biproduct of diets that can increase “Kapha” e.g. sweets, milk products, meat, chicken, fatty food, oily food, highly processed food items, junk food etc. Lifestyle can also be equally responsible to increase “Kapha” e.g. sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercises, late nights, sleeping during day time, changing meal timings etc. can result in major problems in metabolism. Altered metabolism affects functions of ovaries adversely and detoriates ovulation. Absent ovulation gives rise to the hormonal imbalance with high estrogen and low progesterone. Ultimately this is very favourable situation to form Fibroids.

Changes in diet and lifestyle along with certain herbal formulations improves metabolism. Ayurveda also includes certain herbal formulations that helps dissolving Uterine Fibroids and reduces size of Fibroids. Fibroids less than 10 cm in size can be considered opt for the Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda formulations also take care of the Heavy bleeding and Irregular periods very well. It improves fertility and immunity of Reproductive system.

Fibroids can be treated without any surgery and hormones efficiently with Ayurveda!

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