Ayurveda: The Best PCOD treatment

Ayurveda: The Best PCOD treatment


Pcod has become a very common disorder in current population. Due to changing trends in diet & lifestyle, pathology of PCOD may start before commencement of periods even. Presently PCOD can be seen at all stages of reproductive age.


To know about the best treatment for PCOD, it is very important to understand what is PCOD exactly. PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. The basic pathology behind PCOD lies in faulty diet & lifestyle followed in long run. Sometimes it also can be hereditary. Faulty Diet &Lifestyle habits results in disturbance in the metabolism leading to anovulation or absent ovulation in women. The process of formation of egg slows down and gets arrested at certain stage. It couldn’t reach to the stage of mature ovum. Naturally, number of immature follicles grows in ovaries and later it starts getting accumulated resulting in increase in volume of the ovaries. Bunch of these immature follicles at the ovary is called nothing but Polycystic Ovaries.

The best PCOD treatment will not only correct the current pathology at ovary but also avoids the recurrence of the disease. PCOD Ayurvedic treatment mainly acts through following actions by herbal medicines.

·         Correcting Metabolism.

·         Promoting ovulation.

·         Regulating periods

·         Cyst dissolving action at ovary

Ayurveda treats PCOD by correcting basic disturbances in metabolism through herbal medicines. Ayurveda brings about ovulation naturally by speeding up growth of follicles. It also dissolves the old immature follicles/cysts at ovary to bring ovaries at its original size. Ayurveda helps achieving hormonal balance naturally without any side effects.

Mood swings, Weight gain, male pattern hair growth, infertility etc. are some of the main complications of PCOD. These symptoms start resolving along with treatment of PCOD itself. No separate treatment is required as PCOD is the root cause for these complications.

But along with these ayurvedic medications, one must follow the diet & lifestyle corrections to avoid the recurrence of PCOD.

How to avoid recurrence of Polycystic Ovaries? To avoid Polycystic Ovaries, we must be very particular about our diet & lifestyle. Frequent Intake of Processed food, foods with preservatives, highly marketed food items, junk foods, fatty food items, oily food, etc. should be avoided. Again, it is equally important to avoid too much sugar or too much salt in the diet. Over all these food items, one must prefer home cooked food, less oily, fresh vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. Meal timings are very important to maintain good metabolism. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner timings need to be fixed for good digestion. About lifestyle one should go for minimum 30 minutes of physical exercise preferably in the morning hours. ‘Early to bed and Early to rise’ is the rule of thumb for PCOD.  These were few tips about diet & lifestyle to avoid PCOD. Diet & lifestyle corrections also speeds up the recovery by treatment.

PCOD usually takes little longer time to get cured than other diseases because it is a lifestyle disorder. But when patient is determined to get out of it, the span of treatment can surely be reduced considerably. PCOD can be definitely cured with Ayurveda from roots without any side effects and we can also avoid the recurrence.

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