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Doctor’s Journey

Dr. Aarati Patil, offers you the best of the three worlds- Ayurveda, Yoga & Panchakarma! She is armed with post-graduate degree specializing in Gynaecology & Obstetrics (Ayurveda) focusing her practice especially on healing and enhancing women’s health & spirit. One of the most-sought after Ayurveda doctor in Andheri West, Mumbai!

During her undergraduate & postgraduate studies, she has come across many women with gynaec disorders which can be treated and cured with Ayurveda completely & naturally. Her faith in healing power of Ayurveda is channelled into her practice- bringing back the old science to cure modern time gynaec disorders.

She is highly-trained in Panchakarma. Combining the ancient cleansing treatment with her Ayurvedic practice, she reinforces the idea of ‘Healing from Within!’

As a yoga enthusiast since childhood days, she is highly-skilled, international-certified ‘Teacher of Yoga’. She is expertly-trained in traditional, ancient yoga by the dynamic yoga gurus at the Shivnanda Aashram on the hills of Uttar Kashi. Her expertise and experience opens a doorway for many women seeking natural healing and treatment to lead a better life!

Qualification Snapshot

  • M. D. Gynaecology, Ayurveda - Karnataka
  • Post Graduate PanchaKarma - Maharashtra
  • International Certification Yoga - Uttar Kashi
  • MBA Global Management - Switzerland

Healing With Wisdom

Dr. Aarati Patil, as a woman herself, understands female anatomy and the gynaec issues women have to suffer constantly nowadays. She has passionately pursued the quest for finding natural solutions and cures by immersing herself in research and advanced learning of Ayurveda and its old sister sciences. Her hard work & determination paid off! She discovered ‘No Hormone Replacement Therapy’ through combination of Ayurveda + PanchaKarma + Yoga + Diet & Lifestyle Changes!

With the wisdom of Ayurveda, knowledge of Panchakarma, skill of Yoga and insight of Diet & Lifestyle, Dr Aarati offers powerful, natural solutions and treatments to women of all age groups at FORTITUDE!

Dr. Aarati brings the whole new outlook on women’s gynaec issues to make them break the silence and discuss it openly. Her clinic, FORTITUDE is set up to encourage women deal with their body courageously and heal determinedly!

We all deserve a better life!