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What Is Infertility?

You are wishing for a baby and despite of having unprotected sex for almost a year, you have not been able to conceive! Problem could be infertility issues present in either of the partner or both of you. Many a time woman can conceive but faces miscarriage in first trimester or later stages of pregnancy. Even this is one kind of infertility issue!

Fortitude Ayurveda Gynaecology & Pregnancy Care Clinic has come up with natural infertility treatment to help couples fight underlying root causes of infertility and conceive naturally. No hormone medicines or surgical procedures, Dr. Aarati Patil treats female infertility through combination of Ayurveda+Yoga+Diet+Lifestyle Changes. She offers Preconception & Pregnancy care along with treatment of infertility disorders to boost the chances of natural conception, healthy pregnancy & safe delivery.


  • Failure to conceive even after 1 year of Unprotected Sex
  • Failure to conceive naturally
  • Recurrent early Pregnancy Loss
  • Miscarriages
Associated Symptoms
  • Irregular Periods/No Periods/PMS
  • Heavy/Scanty Period Bleeding
  • Disturbed Period Bleeding Pattern
  • Painful Bleeding
  • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Delayed Puberty
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Failure of fertilisation/implantation
  • Difficulty in Natural Conception
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Recurrent Miscarriages
  • High Risk during delivery
  • Need for Artificial Conception Methods (IUI/IVF)
  • Feeling worthless/helpless/low self-esteem
  • Frustration/Depression/Social Withdrawal
  • Relationship Issues (Partners Blaming each other)


  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Shrunken Ovaries
  • Endometriosis/Adenomyosis
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes (Inflammation)
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Endometrial Polyps
  • Abnormal shape of Uterus for e.g.- Bicornuate, Arcuate Uterus etc.
  • Abnormal opening of Cervix for e.g.- Pinpoint Cervix
Functional & Hormonal
  • Prolonged use of birth control pills
  • Prolonged use of other Hormonal Pills
  • History of recurrent abortion
  • Hyperprolactinemia (excessive breast milk producing hormone)
  • No/Delayed Ovulation
  • PCOD/Thyroid/Insulin Resistance
  • LPD (Luteal Phase Defect)
  • Thin growth of uterine lining(failure of implantation)
  • Endometrial Hyperplasia
  • PID (Pelvic Inflammatory disease)
  • Hereditary (your parents had problem in conceiving)
  • Women above 30 or 40 years of age
  • Poor Egg Quality
  • Vaginal/Pelvic Infections
  • Obesity/Underweight
  • Eating Disorders like Anorexia
  • Early Menopause
  • Excessive Alcohol/ Smoking
  • Major Health Complications like Heart Disease,Diabetes, etc.
  • Autoimmune Diseases like lupus,sickle cell, etc.
  • Male Infertility
  • Men above 40 years of age
  • Low/No Sperm Count
  • Low Sperm Motility
  • Abnormal Shape of Sperm
  • Poor Sperm quality
  • High Viscosity of Semen
  • Exposure to heat like saunas affect sperm production
  • Heavy dose of steroids/antibiotics
  • Drinking/Smoking/Drug abuse

Line of Ayurvedic Treatment For Infertility

Line of Treatment for Infertility

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatment For Infertility

  • Assist in Natural Conception
  • Avoid IUI/IVF
  • Reduce Chances of Miscarriage
  • Treatment of all Gynac Issues causing infertility (PCOD/PID/Heavy Bleeding/LPD)
  • Balance Hormones
  • Balance Doshas
  • Correcting Defects in Reproductive Organ Structure
  • Reproductive cycle back to normal
  • Stimulate Ovaries
  • Enhance Ovulation
  • Regularise Periods
  • Strong, Healthy Growth of Inner Lining of Uterus
  • Improve Egg/Sperm Quality & Quantity
  • Healthy Baby
Diet & Lifestyle Benefits
  • Improved Quality of egg & sperm
  • Improved Quantity of egg & sperm
  • Weight Management
  • Prevent Early Menopause
  • Assist on time Ovulation
  • Sets Reproductive cycle rhythm
  • Assist Hormone balancing
  • Improves Fertility
Yoga for Infertility
  • Assist Hormone balancing
  • Assist natural conception
  • Stimulates Ovaries
  • Improves immunity of Reproductive system
  • Regularize Periods
  • Improves Fertility