• Ayurveda
    Fortitude Means Strength!
    Ayurveda Gynaecology & Pregnancy Care Clinic
    Fortitude is unique, specialty ayurvedic clinic to enhance the overall well-being of women. She is creator of life and her
    reproductive well-being is primarily important for the family & community at large! Fortitude works for feminine health enhancement!
  • No Hormone Replacement
    Ayurvedic Gynaec Care!
    No Hormone Replacement!
    Majority of gynaec problems are triggered by imbalance of hormones. Allopathy only works by
    replacing hormones without permanent cure. Fortitude offers natural balancing treatment for
    hormones & completely healing the reproductive system with Ayurveda!
  • Ayurveda Pregnancy Care
    Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care!
    Enhancing Mother-Child's Health!
    The wisdom of Ayurveda says a child can be genetically enhanced even before it is concieved in the womb of mother.
    Ayurveda makes the pregnancy phase natural & easier for woman- physically & mentally preparing her for motherhood.
    Fortitude offers Pre-pregnancy & pregnancy care for all the wishful & expectant couples and post-pregnancy care for new mothers.

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Fortitude Ayurveda Gynaecology & Pregnancy Care Clinic

Woman is a creator of life! Her body is temple & needs special care & attention! The fast-paced life and poor lifestyle choices make women ‘the victim’ of many gynaec disorders. With hormones out of balance, they are unable to keep their life in balance! Dr. Aarati Patil, has found the 360 degree solution for healing, cleansing, enhancing & enriching woman’s health and life! FORTITUDE brings your femininity & fertility back, naturally!

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Treat PCOD Naturally with combination of Ayurveda, Diet, Lifestyle Variations & Yoga !

Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders can be treated from roots without Hormones !

Heavy Bleeding

No more hormones & DNCs required for Heavy bleeding


Treat Fibroids without Surgery & Hormones Successfully !

Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts are due to hormonal imbalance. Balance your hormones naturally with Ayurveda.


Endometriosis & Adenomyosis can be successfully treated from roots with Ayurveda !


Ayurveda enhances fertility of Women & Men naturally !

PID / White Discharge

Treat deep seated infections in Reproductive Tract with power of Ayurveda !

Preconception-Pregnancy & Post Delivery Care

Support of Ayurveda at each step of Motherhood


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Complete Cure through Individual & Natural Treatment for Root Cause

Ayurvedic Medicines

Many women are victim of high expectations from family and society- expecting them to be perfect in their role & responsibilities! You forget to pay attention to your own physical, psychological & emotional needs. You become more vulnerable to hormonal imbalances & gynaec disorders arising from chronic stress of being perfect!

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Ayurvedic Medicines

Lifestyle Changes

Balance is the natural state of our well-being! If your balance is shifting towards irregularity in sleep & diet, stress, disorders and diseases, you are living unhealthy lifestyle! All animals in nature follow certain routine to maintain health by following their natural, biological clock! They feed and rest their bodies regularly to survive in Nature! We also need to keep our body & mind in tune with our inner biological processes and in sync with Nature!

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Lifestyle Changes

Diet Recommendations

Gone are the times, when cooking & enjoying the home-made food was the most important routine of the day! As we are running around constantly or just tired to even think of cooking, we just grab a burger, packet of chips & can of cola to kill our hunger!

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Diet Recommendations

Disease Specific Yoga Advise

Nowadays, most women misinterpret the word ‘healthy’. You feel being healthy means being slim and having a narrow waistline! We forget what really matters- is how we feel about ourselves throughout the day! Being healthy is internal state, which will project externally!

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Disease Specific Yoga Advise

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